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Lost a pair of shoes or a towel?

24 September 2008

Probably forgotten after the Quadratlon. They’re in my office at UNIS. Come by or call me at 79023315.



The season is officially over :(

23 September 2008

The temperature has dropped below 0 degrees so the latex on the dresses becomes brittle, the rinsing water freezes, etc.

See you next spring and remember kayak-polo Sundays at 17 in the swimming pool 🙂


New kayaks!

20 September 2008

Svalbard Wildlife just GAVE us 4 double-kayaks 🙂

We are of course delighted!!

The kayaks don’t have hatches but they’re perfect for daytrips in the fjord.


Baywatch on call this week-end

19 September 2008

If you want to paddle this week-end you may call Nils on 91001622. He will be on call between 12 and 17.

From the long-term forecast it looks like it will be the last week-end of the season.

Snowkite course in Tromsø this winter

18 September 2008



14 September 2008

For the week-end we’ll have someone on watch that you may call if you want to borrow equipment. I’ll put the number later.


Quadratlon article this week in Svalbardposten

12 September 2008

Check it out: Svalbardposten 36 – 12 September 2008,  P. 20

It says I’m the organisator but you know how things get deformed… 😉 Eike and Malu were actually in charge. Cheers for that and thanks again to all the people helping out!

And since I’m at it:

Thanks to UNIS for lending a rubber boat and a rifle and giving us ammunition.

Thanks to Svalbar, Sportscenteret, Kroa, Arctica, Svalbard Arctic Sport (Skandinavisk Høyfjellsutstyr) and Sport1 (in Lompensenteret) for nice prizes!

I hope I’m not forgetting anyone.


Pictures from Quadratlon 2008

10 September 2008

Photograph: Ruben Eidesen

People on the pictures are of course invited to get in touch if they want their picture removed from the site. Sorry for putting them out without asking for permission.

Pictures from the club house

10 September 2008


10 September 2008

Apparently the weather station I was considering to buy doesn’t perform well in cold conditions and heavy winds. I’m looking for an alternative but it may take some time. If anyone knows about standalone stations with GPRS or LAN connectivity please get in touch.

I’ve updated the page with links to the existing weather pages for Longyearbyen (see right column under “Weather”). Let me know if I forgot any.