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Svalbard circumnavigation and more

31 May 2008

Alon Ohad and Tim Starr are preparing for an insane trip around Svalbard. Yes you read it right: the whole f… Svalbard, i.e. also Nordaustlandet. Anyway, have a look at their web page:

They’re coming on 7 June and will stay at my place while finishing to prepare the trip.

Two new members, Ann Christin Gjelsten and Tommy Frantzen, are going to “just” paddle around Nordaustlandet. Tommy is a kayaking instructor from Tromsø and after he’s coming back from the trip, he’ll help us at the club. Check out the web page:



YEEEHA! Season starts 1 June!!!

31 May 2008

I got word from Eike yesterday that someone has done a fantastic job at removing the ice in front of the doors and that we’re ready to start the season. I was actually calling LNS the whole week to get them have them remove the ice with an excavator 😀 Great work, pals!

More info on opening hours in the coming days.

What was I saying about a good year? Too bad I’m away for most of the summer ;(


We’ve moved!

25 May 2008

Our old web page

now redirects to this one at 🙂

I hope you’ll like it and that you’ll use it actively!

Don’t hesitate to send your comments! I’m actually looking for someone to take over the responsibility of the site. Now that it’s at WordPress, it’s very straightforward.

The season start and the Midsummer party are around the corner. Get in touch if you’d like to help!